Easy Cover Sponge

Easy Cover Sponge

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Using the EasyCover paint sponge, along with Rainbow Dust Colours Metallic Food Paints, cake decorators are able to achieve stunning, metallic results of large areas with ease.

Preparation: Rinse the sponge under tap water and squeeze dry. It will become soft and ready to use.

How To Use: Pour the Rainbow Dust Food Paint on to one of our paint pallet and gently press the sponge in to it. Now simply apply to your surface with a gentle dabbing motion. Leave to dry (approx. 30mins) and build up with more coats to achieve the required finish. (2 coats is usually enough)

 Cleaning: Simply wash the sponge under warm water. The dye from the paint may stain the actual sponge but this will not effect future usage.

Coverage Guide: Using the EasyCover Sponge, we used half a bottle (approx. 12ml) of paint to cover an 8 inch round cake (3 inch deep).